Water & Sand

by White Lines Grey Matter




released March 22, 2012



all rights reserved


White Lines Grey Matter Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Colder
The kids are getting older, and the world is getting colder
Every change in season brings us closer
I look at the horizon, all the tired faces crying
And now it seems the seasons can’t change fast enough

I see the grace and compassion on shelves
Collecting dust until consumers rebel
Treasuries rip the seams as they swell
So comfortable here serving ourselves
Is it our hearts, or our souls that we sell?

We make war against war, don’t you adore this world?

So clear, supply and demand
clumped together like water and sand
What if we had just stuck to the plan?
Fallen so far do we still have a chance
To wipe off the dirt and the blood from our hands?

Would we know if the sky was falling?
If our necks were tied to ropes?
Would we know?
Track Name: Biding Light
Find me in the dark shackled by these chains
I am indecision’s fool, prisoner and slave
I peer down every path, contemplate and strain
Searched for white and black, but all I found was grey

Feel these shackles about to break

For all the times, I’ve tried to get this notion out my mind it never dies
Here begins the fight for everything that makes hearts ignite
This could set things right, or consume my biding light

Set sail for the shore to chase horizon lines
Thrown back by the storm, barely back alive
Everybody said “you shouldn’t have survived
Count your losses now, leave the rest behind”
But I won’t let it die

This could make everything, but this could shake everything
This could break everything
Track Name: Goodbye
Crime of opportunity I saw the way out
Jumpin through the window
Screamin on the way down

Love is blind I know it
Cannot see the hurt
It left behind the roses
Runnin’ from the murder

Goodbye, it’s not the end
I know I’ve lost a friend
It’s not fair, we can’t pretend
But we can make amends

All of this regret is
Comin’ off my chest it’s
Soakin through the window
Sreamin’ on the way down

Love is blind I know it
Cannot see the hurt, it
Left behind the roses
Runnin’ from the murder

I won’t hold you close
Can’t say goodbye
Please walk away
O love of mine
I know the pain
Like oceans wide
Goes on and on
God knows we tried